After we talk on the phone and decide if this work will be beneficial to you we can book an appointment. After you arrive I will have some questions about what's effecting your body and have you fill out some brief paperwork. If I'm not fully aware of what is contributing to any sore or painful areas then I may do some postural analysis to determine the key factors that are contributing to any discomfort. Afterwards I will explain that I am leaving the room and for you to undress to your comfort level and lay between the massage sheets. I will knock to check to see if you are ready and when you are then I will come back in the room and perform the massage. I will check in with you regularly to make sure you are comfortable during the massage. I am very skilled at working the edge of your comfort level to get great results. I like to locate and educate my clients about any muscular imbalances that are often the root of their pain. Then when we are finished I will exit the room again and give you time to get dressed. Then when you are ready I ask that you open the door and we can go through any follow up questions and take care of payment.